SText - text viewer for SONY mobile phones

SText - text viewer for SONY mobile phones

Here are some usefull sites for owners of SONY phones:

NiMar's site (OOK firmware)

Bodhi3's site - A very good site with almost everything

Russian forum

International forum (english language)

SText (written by myself)

Program for reading text on SONY mobile phones: SText

Last stable version:

SText b10.0

Sources of SText b10.0

Background picture:

And program for creating compressed files for SText: STxt file creator Last version: STxt file creator 2

I am not working on this programs any more :-( It's a quite old phone - J70, and I like something new!
If you want to continue working on SText - you are welcome! Mail me with any questions!

SText versions history:

b10.0 - big compressed files support - light on/off function

b9.0 - "Find" function added

b8.2 - compiled using ufif21 - correct font on Z7 - text formating (doesn't break words at the end of line)

b7.1 - added menu - filter for sections

b6.1 - new format of files - for creating them use "STxt file creator" - new font - icon added

b5.1 - new interface with advanced section selection

b4.0 - added support of compressed text (LZHUF.EXE)

b3.1 - support of text files bigger than 16 kb - added scroll-bar - optimized algorithm of scrolling

b2 - read position memory

b1 - first release


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